Viva Las Vegas

I can't think of anywhere I'm as disinterested in as Las Vegas. I'll most probably live and die before dipping my toe into that desert sand. Couldn't think of a single thing more boring then landing a helicopter in the middle of the Grand Canyon. Looks very dusty. Always interested in people's choice of attire for such an occasion mind you. Its never good. Each to their own, but the crassness just doesn't appeal to me. Maybe I'm the boring one? Though one thing I find ever so slightly endearing is a Vegas wedding. There's something about those Elvis infested little white wedding chapels, borderline quaint.

Sebastien and Ainsley fell 'in love at first sight' when he served her coffee in her local organic café one day. They used the L word on the 3rd date, moved in together after 3 weeks and 5 years later they eloped to Sin City. As far as un-weddings go, this ones pretty damn good.

No friends or family were present, though smoke bombs, champagne, matching tattoo's and a photoshoot in the desert ensued. I'll let the pictures do the rest of the talking...

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!

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