The Perfect Dress

#1 I vividly remember the exact moment I first laid eyes on Hailey B's Virgil Abloh creation. I was on a Virgin Pendalino from Manchester to London and I screamed out loud in carriage C. Although they ought to 'get a room' 99% of the time, admittedly I spent a serious amount of energy ogling over every detail of their nuptials. Greatest veil of all time. Period. Justin did good.

#2 When model Poppy Delevingne held her second wedding celebration (why stop at just one?) with husband James Cook in Marrakech's most lavish hotel, La Mamounia, she didn't hold back in the boho-chic department. This Emilio Pucci custom design is a dream. The structure, the pastel floral embellishments, the lace up front detail. Bonus points for luxury riad marble backdrop.

#3 Okay okay, I am fully aware that Lady Mary Chateris choice of bridal attire isn't everybody's cup of chai latte but I do think that This was a MOMENT. When you're a gorgeous 24 year old aristocrat then you basically get licence to wear a sheer cut out Pam Hogg tulle skirted gown on your wedding day. Those are the rules. Boring doesn't live here.

#4 Though not technically her wedding day look, this scene of pure excellence was an integral part of Amal's Venetian wedding weekend. Historical. If you were to look up 'sheer perfection' in the dictionary then this image is gonna leap out of the page. You'd be hard pressed to find a hat that fits an individuals head so well. This is how I envision my future. *Enforces operation Amal Clooney*

#5 Take one Italian fashion editor, two countries, four events, six outfit changes, one custom Alexander McQueen gown and VOILA! Giovanna Battaglia (Bat_gio to us peasants) married some billionaire or other in Capri in 2016 and if you haven't already, you need to Pinterest the hell out of this wedding exravaganza, trust me.

#6 Quite bizarrely I find myself completely infatuated with the simplicity of this ensemble. Olivia Palermo opted for a Carolina Herrera two-piece for her low-key New York wedding. So fresh, so clean. I feel like this is the vibe Carrie Bradshaw should have ran with before getting 'carried away' putting a bird on her head and ultimately being left for dead on the steps of the New York Public Library.

#7 Brief interlude to pay homage to Elizabeth Taylors hair at her fifth wedding to Richard Burton in 1964. Will attempt to replicate at some point.

#8 Props to Angelina for letting her kids scribble all over her veil, she's a braver woman than I. This Versace look was an inspired choice, unique, personal and actually really beautiful. Gorgeous family, sad outcome, research adopting Cambodian children often.

#9 Just going to leave this here. Emma Thompson. 1989.


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