Let Them Eat Cake

One thing that can never be cancelled - cake! With the average spend on wedding cake landing between £400 and £600, its important to make every bite worth it. Gone are the days of wedding guests throwing cake at the bride to symbolise fertility, thankfully, and the world is definitely seeing less and less of those odd little bride and groom figurines stuck wonkily on top of three tiers of white icing. From the 'naked cake' to more contemporary showstoppers and even a stack of pies or cheeses replacing the traditional royal iced numbers, cakes are a major wedding element for any style conscious couple in these times of wedding Instagram hashtags.

I decided at the age of ten that my wedding cake would replicate that of Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant in the closing scenes of Notting Hill. The layers would consist of pomegranate, carrot and coconut sponge and I'd cut it with a knife in the shape of a swan. Alas, these grand plans have yet to come into fruition, so until then here's an array of wedding day desserts to feast your eyes on.

Fun fact: The worlds most expensive wedding cake was valued at 52 million dollars and was adorned with 4000 diamonds. Sickly.

#1 The Notting Hill cake from my ten year old self's wedding vision. Still relevant I'd say.

#2 Other than 'bloody hell' I'm trying to find the words here. To be honest, Celine Dion's 1994 wedding deserves a post to itself, so we'll get round to that later. I genuinely don't think health and safety laws would allow for such a mountainous monstrosity at venues today.

#3 The wedding cake of our now Queen but then Princess in 1947 was a 9ft tall, 900lb fruitcake painted with scenes from her life. The Royal couple actually had 11 wedding cakes but this was the main event using ingredients from all around the world. They cut it with a sword, obv.

#4 A growing trend over the past couple of years is not stopping at one baked creation but displaying a full-on treats table. Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds rolled with this idea for their intimate boho-chic 2012 wedding. Not my style but looks delicious.

#5 It always irks me when Hollywood couples try to be normal. Cute enough that Brangelina's cake was made by their son Pax but I don't want to eat it.

#6 In fairness to Pax's efforts, I don't want to eat Sofia Vergara's wedding cake either. I'd be too scared to. Celebrity cake maker Sylvia Weinstock designed this cake to match the couples decadent venue and I'm guessing the budget wasn't a modest one.

#7 Now this cake I would probably manage to myself. It was the choice of my favourite celebrity couple, John Legend and Chrissy Teigen and its a carrot cake, mine and Chrissy's 'go to'. Pretty.

#8 Sorry to spoil the mood. What was going on here? Apples and potato salad? Obscene.

#9 Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas. Worlds most unexpected couple. Haven't quite forgiven Nick for what he did to the Les Mis 25th anniversay concert but at least they had a very ornate 18ft edible dolls house at their wedding.

#10 Moschino A/W show 2020

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